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Design A Unique Necklace With Metal Stamping

There are some companies that stamp flat sheet metal in order to transform it into a specific shape or to make an impression in it. The metal items are used in households and in many businesses throughout the world, such as ones that are associated with hardware or construction. You can purchase your own metal stamping equipment and design a unique piece of jewelry. The following steps will explain how to make an engraved pendant to hang off of a chain. When finished, you will have a one-of-a-kind necklace to wear.


  • sheet metal (thin)
  • metal stamping kit (with bench block)
  • riveting hammer
  • stamp holder 
  • plain metal pendant or dog tag
  • chain (to wear around your neck)
  • paper


Before stamping the metal, practice using the stamping equipment on paper. Line up a piece of paper on the bench block. Select the letters or design that you would like to use, out of the stamps that you own. Line each stamp up over the paper so that the lettering or design is facing you.

Tap the top of each stamp with the riveting hammer. Use firm strokes while holding onto the stamps. Make sure the stamps do not shift during this process. The impression of the lettering or design will be visible on the paper that you are using to practice. Once you are satisfied with the results that you see, you will be ready to stamp the metal.

Stamping Metal

Line up the piece of metal that you will be using as a pendent. Place it on the bench block. Make sure that you have extra metal on hand just in case you make a mistake. Set up the stamps the same way that that you used when you practiced on the paper. Hold each stamp as securely as you can. If they move at all, you will have an incomplete image. Also, the key to receiving clear and attractive results is to strike the metal with consistent, firm strokes. If you do not use enough force when striking the metal, it will be difficult to see the impressions.

Strike the top of each stamp until each one has been covered. Lift up the stamps and see the results. Place your pendant on your chain and place it around your neck. Your stamping equipment will come in handy. You can design additional pieces of jewelry for yourself or create some for special occasions and give them away as gifts. If you need the assistance of a professional metal stamper, contact Custom Stamping & Mfg Co.

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How To Get Cash For Your Gold Jewelry

Are you in need of some extra cash to cover an unexpected bill or make up for an income shortage? If so, you should know that there are several different ways that you can turn your gold jewelry into the extra cash you need.

Below you will learn more about these money making options so that you can choose the option that is right for you:

Option #1: Sell Your Jewelry As Scrap

Many scrap dealers purchase gold jewelry for the value of the precious metal, rather than for the resale value of the jewelry. Since these scrap dealers melt the metal before selling it rather than reselling the jewelry in its current form, these dealers will typically offer payment based upon the weight of your gold. Consequently, this option is best suited to individuals with a large amount of jewelry to sell.

This option is also quite beneficial to individuals with gold jewelry that is broken. This is because while it can be quite difficult to sell broken jewelry using other venues, scrap dealers will often accept gold jewelry regardless of its current condition.

Option #2: Sell Your Jewelry To A Jeweler

Reputable dealers frequently purchase used jewelry for resale in their store. Since these jewelers will often sell these items directly to the customers who frequent their retail store, they will often be quite selective about the pieces they are willing to purchase. With that being said, you should know that jewelers will typically offer the highest purchase price for high quality jewelry with significant resale value.

Option #3: Obtain A Short Term Collateral Loan

If you need some extra cash, but don’t want to part with your gold jewelry permanently, a short term collateral loan may be the answer to your needs. These loans are available through most pawn shops and are relatively easy to obtain. In most cases, the only thing you will need to provide in order to obtain these loans is your collateral (your jewelry), and a photo ID.

When obtaining a short term collateral loan, you will receive a small portion of the total value of your jewelry. If you repay this loan, along with whatever loan fees you owe, you will get your jewelry back. However, if you are unable to repay this loan in a timely manner, you will forfeit the collateral used to obtain the loan.

In Conclusion

Choosing the money making option that is right for you will depend greatly upon the amount of jewelry you have to sell, how much money you need, and what the resale value of your jewelry is. For instance, if you have a large amount of old jewelry with little resale value, selling your jewelry to a scrap dealer will typically offer you the highest payout. However, if you are looking to sell a single piece of valuable jewelry, selling to a reputable jeweler will likely result in the fairest offer for your gold.

To learn more, contact a company like Woodland Money Loan with any questions or concerns you might have.

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Four Important Considerations For Long-Term Storage Of Wine

If you have some good wine that you want to store for a long time, then you can’t just stack them in your basement and hope for the best. You ought to look for a good storage location, because there are specific environmental factors that you must get right to preserve your wine. Here are four of the most important factors to consider:


Light is to wine what Kryptonite is to Superman; it destroys it. According to Contains Sulfites, ultraviolet (UV) rays have the energy to break down wine into different chemical elements. In fact, store wine in a well-lit place and soon it will smell like cooked cabbage.

Dark bottles block some, but not all, of the UV radiation. Therefore, you should choose a storage place devoid of any light whatsoever. Specifically, you should:

  • Choose a windowless storage room (if there are windows, then they should be tinted, and you should keep them closed at all times).
  • Not open the doors frequently.
  • Keep the lights off at all times (incandescent bulbs are better than fluorescent ones since they emit less UV light).


Apart from the light issue, the wrong temperature can also make your wine worthless. Keeping the bottles in very cold temperatures shrinks the cork, lets air in and ruins the wine. On the other end of the scale, high temperatures ages wine faster than is necessary. According to, the temperature should range from 50o to 55oF. 

It is also best if the temperature does not fluctuate too much; even a fluctuation within the acceptable range can damage the wine. This means you should choose a storage place with an integrated temperature control system.


Then there is also the issue of vibration. Vibrations stir up the sediments in the wines and interfere with their aging processes. Therefore, your storage place should not be near compressors, heavy machinery or other machines that vibrate.


Lastly, you should not discount the effect of humidity on stored wine. Ideally, the humidity should just be enough to keep the bottles’ corks from drying out. A humidity level of 70% is good enough for this purpose; a little lower or higher isn’t terribly bad either. Again, this means you should choose a controlled environment for your long-term wine storage because you can’t leave these settings to nature.

As you can see, you can’t just pick the nearest self storage facility for your wine, unless you don’t value them. Pick a facility with a controlled environment that ticks all the requirements discussed above.

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Critical Lifts: What Are They And Who Lifts Them?

Crating and rigging services can go hand in hand, especially when there are items to be lifted of a sensitive nature. Some items could be extremely dangerous while others are essential to other time sensitive, important operations. When a lift has certain critical criteria surrounding it, the operation for lifting it is designated as critical and must be done by an experienced crane professional. Check out these reasons a lift could be critical.

Two Cranes Working Together

If a load requires two cranes for lifting, that does not only mean it is too heavy for one to lift it. In many cases, when two cranes are required for a lift, that load is designated as critical. A critical lift must be adequately planned and executed by a trained professional. The load, if possible, generally must also be crated in a suitable manner for creating the safest lift points as well. Other circumstances can cause a lift to be categorized as critical:

  • If the load being lifted could cause serious economic or financial (to a company or community) devastation if dropped or damaged.
  • If a load has the potential to cause serious injury.
  • When a load contains hazardous materials. For example, radioactive or bio-hazard waste.
  • If a load has challenging circumstances related to its installation or drop off.
  • In the event that people are being lifted, critical measures must be taken for ensuring lift safety.

Planning Is Essential

Planning how a critical lift will be successfully executed is an essential aspect of maintaining safety during operation. Crane operators should be well aware of the risks and should also be a member of the planning team. While some loads are dangerous to other people around the lift, others are heavy enough to pose a serious risk to the crane operator. For example, extremely heavy loads could mean a crane being compromised, hence the reason some lifts require two cranes. Always planning for a critical lift is important and should be done only  by those professionals experienced in making these types of lifts.

Long Distance Moves For Critical Loads

When making plans and sketches for a critical lift, the inclusion of moving the load once it is set down could be a serious consideration. Critical loads being hauled to other locations may mean the need for special crating services as well. In the event a critical lift does involve crated loads, making certain everyone involved in the lift is aware of the crate contents is absolutely essential for the ensuring the greatest level of safety.

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