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Tips For Motivating Employees With Insurance

How motivated are your employees? Do they have a good reason to come to work every day and do their best? Do you know that extrinsic rewards can not only help motivate your employees, but limit the amount of absences and issues your employees have in the work place? Insurance is just one of the many tools you have at your disposal to help keep your employees happy enough to do more than just the minimum. Below, you can learn about some insurance options that you may not have considered yet, or new methods of using insurance to motivate employees.

Offer Employer Paid Life Insurance

When people are struggling to make ends meet, life insurance isn’t the first thing they are worried about. However, when you present to them, they may start thinking about the future and how they don’t want their children or loved ones to struggle to make ends meet. Even a small bit of life insurance helps. If you offer paid employee life insurance for limited coverage with even a minimal return, your employees can see that you have a vested interest in not just them, but their family as well. They can add to the premium if they want, but it’s great to know that at least a bit of something is there for them.

Choose Health Insurance with Preventative Maintenance Bonuses

Not all health insurance plans are the same. Some actually offer bonuses in the form of reduced rates or funds or points delivered to a point or debit card when policy holders use preventative maintenance. As an employer, this kind of plan benefits you because employees who use preventative maintenance services are more inclined to be concerned about their health, so they take good care of themselves. As a result, you have to deal with fewer missed days and your employees are happier with their health insurance.

Consider Dental, Vision, and Pet Insurance

Some health insurance plans don’t cover dental and vision, and they aren’t very likely to cover pets. When your employees have these type of insurance plans, they have to worry less about out of pocket expense for things that can have an enormous impact on their finances. When your employees find themselves stretched too thin financially, they might ask for more hours initially, but eventually they will just look for a better paying job. That means you could lose a good employee who is just trying to take care of his her family, including the fur babies.

While some of these measures may seem extreme, it’s important for employers to look after their employees. Insurance can be a life saver for some families, even life insurance that pays out when the employee passes.

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Tips for DIY Moving

Moving day can rarely be considered one of the most enjoyable days of your life, especially if you plan on moving yourself instead of hiring a moving company.  You can make things easier by using these DIY moving tips.

Procuring the Boxes

Forego the free banana boxes from your local grocer. They typically don’t come with lids, and they often don’t even have a complete bottom. You’ll regret trying to use these when your smaller items slip through the bottom.

Spring for standard-sized new moving boxes. You’ll get uniform sizes in small, medium and large, which are easier to stack and more efficient to pack. Boxes like these are for sale at hardware stores and moving truck rental shops.

Always buy more boxes than you think you’ll need, because you’ll always need more boxes than you think. Items that are wrapped in bubble wrap or tissue paper take up a lot more space than the same items displayed on your bookshelf. Ask if the store will buy back unused, unassembled boxes.

Securing the Boxes

Cardboard boxes are relatively cheap, but the packing tape is where you’ll spend the most money. Since you’re moving yourself, you can skip the tape. Buy a couple rolls of jute rope to use instead. Jute is inexpensive and can be reused indefinitely. Measure lengths for each size box you’re using, cut several, and lay them in organized piles for quick use.

Renting the Truck

Rent the largest truck you can afford. One trip will always take longer than making several trips, especially when you consider that you have to unload and reload the truck on each trip.

When you pick up the truck, don’t underestimate the walk-around inspection before you drive off the lot. Your rental representative may not be the same person on shift when you return the truck, so make sure that any dings, scrapes or other problems are documented in writing on your rental paperwork.

Rental truck companies charge by time as well as mileage. If you find yourself running low on time near the end of your rental, consider this: Have your friends unload the contents and just leave them on the curb or at the front door of the new apartment instead of bringing everything inside. Then, while they commence bringing your items in from the curb, you can be on your way back to the truck rental place to return it on time. (For more information contact Elite Truck Rental.)

The trick to a smooth move is to be organized and efficient. Use the tips above to make your moving day as stress-free as possible.

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Hello to everyone lucky enough to fall upon this little site of mine. My name is Shaun Hardy, and I love to talk to people about their businesses. You see, brushing up on the economy and watching business trends has always interested me. I’ve been a business owner myself, so I typically know the ins and outs of what goes into running a business. One of the most difficult—yet invigorating—times in the life of a business is when moving or selling. I hope to share a bit of the experience and wisdom that I’ve collected over the years concerning business, specifically moving or selling a company.

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