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Presenting An Award With Class

If you wish to thank a few of your employees in a meaningful way, giving an award for their achievements is a wonderful way to show your appreciation when honoring their accomplishments publicly. Presenting an award can be done in a way that will make a lasting impression with others within the corporation, making them strive to be recognized themselves in the future. Here are a few tips to follow when presenting awards to your employees so the act of receiving this token will be remembered by both the recipient and the others spectating.

Personalize The Presentation

When you get up in front of a crowd to speak about an employee and the great help they have been to the company, sharing some of the things they do outside of work can show others they work hard at being a model citizen both inside and outside of the company. When people hear about an awardee’s home responsibilities or activeness within the community, it gives them a better picture of what type of person they are in aspects away from company business. This shows the awardee is special because they are able to juggle both home and work while maintaining the highest standards in each.

Highlight Achievements

When talking about the accomplishments an employee achieved within the company, talk about specifics. Don’t generalize the award to say they were a model employee without talking about why they are receiving the honor. List the ways the employee went above and beyond others and how their actions made a direct impact on the business of the company. Other employees will hang on to every word of your speech so they have an idea what is expected by management and what they may need to change in their own daily tasks to be recognized in the same manner. 

Give Awards With Purpose

Consider giving the awardee an award that doubles as a meaningful collector’s piece to display on their desk or an item that can be used in their household to display with pride. One example is by giving a glass vase as an award. The base can include a plaque that is inscribed with the details of the award, giving the recipient something to remember their accomplishments while having a unique piece that doubles as something useful for their home or office. Contact companies like Abilene Awards & Logos for custom awards.

The purpose of the award is to show your appreciation for a job well done. Their actions had made positive points emerge within your business, and for that, you want to give not only recognition, but express your gratitude for the decisions they had made. Make sure to give the award recipient a strong handshake after handing them their award and publicly thanking them for a job well done.

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What Information Do School Systems Look For When Running An Employee Background Check?

Background checks are often done by employers who are considering hiring new employees at their companies. This is particularly true of those employers that must hire employees to work with children. Most school systems will not hire a regular or substitute employee without first running a background check. These are the things that school systems look for when running a background check on potential employees.

Personal Information 

There is a wide variety of personal information that can be found in a background check. This includes the person’s date and place of birth, family members, current and previous addresses and if they have ever used a different name that the one being currently used.

School systems look at the potential employees personal information to determine their honesty. They want to know if the personal information on the job application matches the personal information on the background check. When working with students, an employee’s honesty is one of the most important factors in obtaining and keeping a job working for a school system.

Educational Background

Another aspect that a school system looks closely at is the person’s educational background. Many positions in a school system requires the employee to have certain college degrees, diplomas, or certificates before the person can be hired.

Even a teacher aide may be required to have completed a particular number of college credit hours before obtaining a job. If the school system employer does not find the educational requirements in the background check, the person may not be hired for the job.

Employment History 

Some school systems also prefer to hire employees that have experience in a field that is closely related to the position they are hiring for. For instance, a person who has been a preschool teacher for a few years may have a better chance of getting a teaching position than someone who has only worked in fast food restaurants.

Even if the educational requirements are met, the potential employee that has worked in a similar job setting is often preferred over someone who has never held a position that is like the one he is applying for.

Criminal Charges 

The criminal charges a person has listed in a background check will most likely determine if he does or does not get a job working in a school system. This is often the most important part of the background check for a potential school system employee. If there are any history of violent crimes or other felony charges, the person will not be hired.

For those who are applying to be a bus driver for a school system, traffic violations may also prevent them from obtaining the job. The top priority of a school system is that students are always safe and secure with every employee. 

Even if a person has an excellent background check and does get hired by a school system, he must maintain a clean record throughout employment. Otherwise there is a risk of being terminated should any unlawful behavior occur.

For information on fingerprinting as part of the background check, check out a company such as Fingerprinting Pros or do an online search. 

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