When a family member opts to be cremated or is cremated due to religion or other factors, the people they leave behind may feel confused and at a loss as to how to go about the services. Traditional burial services often include a viewing and on-site burial so family members can have the time they need to say their goodbyes to those they have lost. Many people may feel that cremation limits their ability to mourn the loss of their loved ones. Those that wish to be cremated can feel like they are leaving their family and friends behind with no proper way to say goodbye. You can show clients that cremation services can be just as personal as traditional burial services by providing extra touches for those who have had their loved ones cremated or for those planning their own funeral arrangements.

Include a viewing

Viewings are common with burials, and can be done with cremation services as well. Make sure that clients who opt for a cremation understand that they can provide a similar viewing service for their loved ones to attend and visit with one another. Reassure your clients that an urn, picture, or even a scrapbook can take the place of a traditional casket at a viewing, and that a viewing can be scheduled for as long as they wish. This helps make many people feel more comfortable with the seemingly impersonal act of cremation.

Encourage graveside services

The graveside service is where family members can pay their final respects and grieve appropriately for their loved ones, and you understand that these services are very important to those planning their own funeral and those who are left behind. Many people falsely believe that they cannot get a graveside service if they have been cremated. In actuality, a graveside service for a cremated person can be done tastefully and nearly anywhere- at an actual grave site or even a loved one’s home. Encourage a graveside service for your clients, no matter how intimate or grand they want it to be, even if the location isn’t traditional in nature.

Your clients will feel a lot more comfortable with cremation as long as they know that the following services are similar to those of a burial. If you can stress these points to your clients and openly address their concerns, you can see your cremation services become more personal to clients, which can increase the number of cremation services you do at your facility. For more ideas, contact another cremation service like Care Memorial Cremation Solutions.