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Keeping Your Belongings Safe From Theft While In Storage

If you are moving to a new home, you may have rented storage space to house some of your belongings until you are able to haul them with a moving van. When you are not present to look after your belongings, keeping them safe from theft becomes a concern. Here are some ways you can ramp up the security effort in your storage unit to help keep your items from being robbed.

Select The Right Location

A public storage facility that offers security measures will give you the peace of mind that your personal property will remain safely housed within its enclosure without incident. Some facilities will require that members use a key code access number to enter the facility, allowing a record of each person to be kept on file. Look for a facility that has security cameras or around the clock security guard service on the premises to help keep people from breaking and entering into units that do not belong to them. Find a service that has well-lit areas so there are no spots where robbers can hide out waiting to break into a unit. Doing a walk-through of a storage facility is recommended to make sure it meets your security criteria.

Attach Another Lock

Some facilities will provide you with a lock to keep your enclosure secure. Instead of using this lock, consider purchasing one on your own. Use a lock with a short shackle so it cannot be cut by bolt cutters. 

Hide Important Items

In most cases, if someone wishes to steal from a storage unit, they will grab items fast in an attempt to not get sighted. Because of the quick grab-and-go mentality thieves often display, it is important to hide some of your more valuable items from view. When you place items in storage, put the important things toward the back wall. These items will be hard to remove fast as other things will be blocking them from an easy exit. 

Consider locking important heirlooms inside heavy drawers or chests. Cover more valuable items with items that no one would want to look through, such as old worn out clothing or toys. Hollow out an old book to hold smaller items. Wrap other items inside the sleeves of old jackets and roll these inside blankets or quilts. For additional information on storage unit safety, contact a facility such as Sentry Mini-Storage Inc.    

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Small Business Holiday Security Tips

The holiday shopping season can be a time of joy, profit, and loss for small business owners. Sales may increase as holiday shoppers buy gifts for loved ones, but thefts often increase as well. If you’re a small business owner, you can prevent some of those losses with tighter security measures and smart business practices. Follow these tips to help avoid loss from theft and make your store more secure.

Keep Up with Staffing Needs

As sales rise, so will your responsibilities and the responsibilities of your staff members. It may be tempting to get by with your regular employees, but this can lead to decreased attention on the floor, making it easier than normal for thieves to take your merchandise. Hire seasonal staff or increase the hours of your regular staff to ensure that someone is always available to walk the floor of your store and give attention to customers. If your store gets a lot of business, plan to have multiple employees available for this task at peak hours.

Offer Enhanced Customer Service

You probably already know it’s a good idea to provide the best customer service at your most profitable time of year. Good customer service does more than entice good customers—it can also deter thieves. Train your employees to make eye contact with customers, make small conversation and offer help to all customers who come in. This enhanced level of customer service will seem friendly to customers with no ill intentions. For thieves, this behavior will serve as a reminder that he or she is being watched.

Move Theft Hotspots Into Plain View

Some merchandise in your store may be more attractive to thieves than others. Small, expensive items and items that can be folded down into a compact shape will be a particular draw. Tracking inventory levels will help you determine which items are more frequently lost than others. Once you know which pieces of merchandise are most likely to be stolen, move those items to an area of your store near the register or into an open space away from other shelves and racks.

Install Your Security System Early

Professional security services like surveillance cameras such as Intellex Security, a security guard, and alarms can help take some of the burden off of your employees at this busy time of year. If you’re planning to install a new security system in your store, do so early in the season so you can adjust the service according to your needs. By the time the holiday shopping season is in full swing, your security system should be working flawlessly for your business.

Consult with your security system’s customer service representative as you choose the security service for you. He or she can help you choose the right service for your needs.

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