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Taking A Close Look At Color Processes And How They Impact Your Product Labels

When you are considering the colors best for your product labels, you might think about a few that you like or that you think best represent your product. However, many factors surround the colors that ultimately end up on your labels and by knowing more about them, you can make choices for outstanding and unique labels. Learn more about getting the most from the colors for your labels.

What Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key Mean To Your Labels

In most printing applications, you can choose between flexographic or digital processes. CMYK (Cyan, magenta, yellow and key, with ‘key’ being black) is used for both of these printing processes with a few differences:

  • Flexographic processes: The CMYK colors are divided into required levels in this process and are best for high volume orders. Each color level is used for a specific color plate designed for your label. During the process, all four plates of each color are used in combination to create your particular label design. Some advanced flexographic printing processes can use more than the CMYK choices. However, most flexographic processes do not incorporate metallic or florescent colors.

  • Digital processes: This printing process is commonly used by small business at their startup because it is more cost effective. Digital processes use all four CMYK colors and can do so while also using variable technology data for printing images like barcodes and ingredient lists. Digital processes are best for smaller orders of high-quality, colorful, crisp and detailed labels.

Label Design Specifics And Color Applications

If you are like many other small business owners, you may decide to create your own label design to save money. However, because of the many modern advancements in specific color applications during label printing processes, you can save even more money by leaving the specifics of your label’s design to artwork professionals. You can take your idea for design to a professional and get back results that will work well during the application of color while also being the look you had in mind. For example, taking into consideration the amount of bleed your label graphics will have is important and can affect the outcome of the final printed label. A professional graphic artist can work with the bleed and ensure your results are as close to perfect as possible.

The efforts that go into creating your custom labels are great, right down to each color being a specific process. Always remember that choosing the printing professionals you can work closely with for producing the best labels is an important aspect of marketing your products.

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3 Ways To Accessorize Your New Truck

Regardless of whether you just got a new ride or you are looking to make your old one stand out, there are plenty of accessories available to you. It doesn’t matter what type of truck you have because you can easily customize your ride with an assortment of accessories that are going to make your vehicle look amazing. Here are some of the common accessories truck owners can add to their vehicle.

Running Boards

When you have a larger vehicle like a truck, it is often difficult to get into and out of the vehicle, especially if you are older. Many people find themselves pushing up on their doors just to get inside, thus causing the door hinges to become strained and stressed. You can eliminate this problem by simply adding in running boards. Running boards come in either oval tubes, square tubes or round tubes in various sizes. By adding them on, you have the extra step up you need to get into your truck.

Window Tint

Many individuals are tinting their windows to block out the sunlight. Not only does this help minimize glare, but it also minimizes the amount of damage to the inside of your truck from the sun. It also keeps the interior of your truck cooler, which is perfect for those with leather seats during the warm summer.

Toneau Covers

These covers are great for those who want to be able to store items inside of the bed of the truck. They allow you to carry items without having to worry about what the weather is like outside. You can opt for the soft covers that roll on and snap securely in place. Choose from a hard cover that comes in one solid piece or a hard cover that tri-folds to make it more convenient for you when taking the cover off on your own. These are ideal for keeping items safe because you cannot cut through them like you can the softer covers. The lock on your tailgate also serves as the lock for these covers.

By adding in these items, you can add value to your truck and make it look amazing all at the same time. A professional auto accessory shop or window tint sop, like Quality Custom Window Tinting, can handle all of this for you. You can choose to add them all at once or over the course of time as your finances allow. Ask about the different options available to you today.

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