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Why Renting A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Does Not Guarantee The Elimination Of Pests

When you’re storing family heirlooms or important documents that absolutely must not get damaged in storage, a climate-controlled storage unit is a must-have investment. However, don’t go too far in assuming the the unit will automatically be better protected from other damage risks, especially pests. Find out why pests can still be a problem in a climate-controlled unit and what to do about it.

Gaps and Cracks

Storage units that are air conditioned and heated are usually more tightly sealed than generic units because the business owner will spend a lot more on keeping the units climate controlled if they allow drafts to waste energy. Yet even the best-sealed unit still probably has at least one or two small cracks or gaps hidden somewhere in the structure. It only takes a tiny crack for insects to squeeze through, and even rats and mice and fit in gaps about 1/4th of an inch in size. These gaps could easily be hidden by paint or door mounting equipment, allowing pests to enter even though there’s no visible entry point.

Ductwork Issues

Don’t forget about the ducts that connect the individual storage unit to the rest of the climate control system. These ducts are usually built into the units themselves, making it hard to inspect every inch for gaps. Once bugs or mice get into the ductwork, they can use it as a sort of highway system to quickly travel to different units and spread their infestation. Even completely intact duct systems may have openings purposefully cut into them for air flow that are big enough to let in bugs unless they’re covered with metal mesh. You can’t eliminate ductwork and still enjoy the benefits of climate control, so don’t turn down a particular unit just because it has a direct connection to a larger system and the surrounding units.

Prevention Matters

So what should you do to make sure your climate-controlled storage unit won’t end up with a pest problem? Check out how the storage center handles pest control as a whole. A business that pays for routine spraying and professional inspection is unlikely to host a major infestation, preventing damage to your stuff no matter how many gaps there are in the storage unit. It’s more important that the entire business is secured with timely and routine pest control than if a particular unit has certain features that could let possibly bugs in. If there are no bugs or mice in the entire area, they’re not going to get to your stuff.

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Tips For Preserving Your Antique Furniture’s Originality

Collecting antique furnishings can be a satisfying hobby. If you have recently acquired an antique piece of furniture, you may have thought how it might look better with a little restoration. However, you should know that some restorative efforts can greatly impact the value of your antique furniture. Follow these tips for cleaning up and successfully restoring your antique furniture.

Leave As Much Of The Original Finish As Possible

True restoration efforts should be about preserving as much of the original aspects of a piece as possible. If you have considered refinishing a piece of antique wood furniture, bear in mind that refinishing does not have a place in restoration or preservation. If you refinish a piece, it takes away the original finish, leaving the piece naked of its valuable originality, something that may be impossible to copy today. Some antiques were finished using resins from trees or insects. Today, many of the finishes like polyurethane are made from man-made chemicals. A true piece of antique furniture is over 100 years old, so trying to re-create the original finish can be impossible. For maintaining the value and originality of your pieces, leaving them just as they are is best. Simple cleaning with a feather duster can be done without using oil-based furniture polishes sold today. Waxing with bees wax only is best for providing protection against moisture.

Deal With Issues Like Missing Drawer And Door Handles

If you have an antique piece of furniture like a wardrobe or a dresser, you may need to replace a knob if you plan to actually use it every day. For replacing these kinds of parts, finding old furnishings with similar hardware is a good idea. Reputable antique dealers can help you locate missing parts like handles or knobs. If you visit flea markets and yard sales regularly, keeping an eye for handles and knobs is important. You may be surprised what you can find that will help make a particular piece of antique furniture functional without interrupting its originality or value. One great benefit of finding antique items at flea markets and yard sales is you can usually get them at an extremely low price.

Antique furnishings can be used to decorate your home with the past. Making sure you maintain your antique furniture’s originality is vital for the past to be recreated properly. Even if you never plan to sell your antiques, maintaining their originality helps to also preserve their historical appeal.

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