Reduce Burial Costs By Finding An Affordable Casket

The cost of a funeral can be a burden that you don’t want to leave your loved ones after your passing. Starting the funeral planning process early can help ensure that you are able to cover your own burial costs, and it can ensure that your funeral service will go according to plan. Finding an affordable casket is one of the ways that you can reduce your burial costs.

Here are three tips you can use to help find the most affordable casket possible as you plan your funeral in the future.

1. Don’t rely on just the funeral home for inventory.

Many people are surprised to learn that they don’t have to purchase their casket from a funeral home. Shopping around can help you find the best prices on caskets, so you should take the time to look beyond your local funeral home when trying to locate a casket that will meet your burial needs.

Some great places to begin the hunt for an affordable casket include big box stores, online retailers, and independent artisans who create a small number of caskets.

2. Consider unconventional materials.

Another simple way to reduce the cost of your casket is to consider some caskets made using unconventional materials. Metal caskets can be quite costly, and wood caskets are often expensive as well. Unconventional materials like bamboo, banana leaf, or seagrass are not only more affordable to source, but they are environmentally friendly as well.

Investing in a casket made from one of these unconventional materials will help you reduce any negative impact on the environment while simultaneously saving you some money when it comes to your burial expenses.

3. Keep it simple.

Caskets can be as simple or as ornate as an individual desires. If you want to save some money when investing in your own casket, you should strive to keep the design of the casket you choose as simple as possible.

Caskets with clean lines, few decorative elements, and minimal customization will be more affordable. Your loved ones can customize your casket through flowers and the addition of personal belongings in order to make your burial more personal without increasing casket costs.

Saving money on the purchase of your casket is a simple way to help reduce your burial budget. Try shopping around, considering a casket made from unconventional materials, and keeping the design of your casket simple to save some money when planning your own funeral.

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A Manufacturing Staffing Agency Can Help You Find The Right Temporary Staff To Get Through The Holiday Season

During the holiday season, many business owners find themselves needing additional support to ensure their business runs smoothly during the holiday rush. If you have determined that you will need to hire a few temporary employees during the holiday season, consider using a staffing agency to find you the workers you need. The guide below walks you through a few things you need to know about hiring a manufacturing staffing agency to find you the temporary staff you need.

Know What Positions You Need Filled

The first thing you need to do is figure out which positions you will need to have filled. You need to be sure to detail what the responsibilities of that position entail to ensure that the staffing company takes the time to find someone with the exact qualifications you need.

Know How Much You Can Afford to Pay

Take the time to look at your budget closely to determine how much you can afford to pay each temporary worker you hire. You will have to pay them at least minimum wage unless you own a restaurant and are hiring wait staff or bartenders. You want to be sure that you do not hire more people than your budget can support paying.

Know If the Individuals Have to Pass a Drug Screening

Many businesses pride themselves on being drug-free environments. Regardless of how large or small your business is, you can require for anyone who wants to work there to be drug-free. If this is a requirement of yours, the staffing agency can arrange for a drug screening to be administered to potential candidates to ensure that they qualify.

Remember that You Get the Final Say

Once the staffing agency has narrowed down the selection of possible candidates to fill the positions you have available; you will be able to interview each person on your own. If you feel that someone is not the right fit for your business, you can let the staffing company know, and they can then find new candidates to interview for the position. You are not obligated to hire every candidate the agency sends your way.

Hiring a staffing agency, such as Nesco Resource, will ensure that the positions at your business are filled as quickly as possible. You will not have to waste your time meeting with numerous people that simply are not right for the job and can still ensure that you have a great staff when everything is said and done.

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3 Ways To Save On Bottled Water When Going To A Remote Cabin

Going to a remote cabin in the woods is rustic and fun, but staying there for any extended period of time poses certain challenges. One of the biggest challenges when staying in a cabin that’s off the grid is getting potable drinking water. Bringing in bottled water is often the only option, but it can be expensive. If you’re spending any amount of time at a remote cabin this summer, here are three ways to save on bottled water.

Fill Reusable Water Bottles Whenever Possible

Filling reusable water bottles is sometimes inconvenient, but it’s often the cheapest option. Cafes sometimes don’t mind filling a single water bottle, and you can always fill one up at a public drinking fountain. You may not want to go back and forth between your cabin and the nearest town each day, but you can fill up water bottles on the way to your cabin. Each one you fill is one less bottle you have to buy.

Fill a 5-Gallon Cooler at a Public Water Source

Towns, especially in areas where people have remote cabins, sometimes have a public spout where anyone can get drinking water. There may be a charge for the water, but, since it’s a public service, the charge is often small. If the nearest town has such a spout, you might be able to fill a 5-gallon cooler for less than 5 gallons of bottled water would cost. A water cooler can’t be toted on outings like individual bottles, but you can bring it to your cabin for use in the cabin.

Go Get Bottles Filled

If you don’t have enough water bottles and coolers, you’ll likely need to pay a private bottled water service. Most companies charge a fee for delivery — especially when delivering to remote locations. You can save on a private bottled water service by skipping the delivery. Instead of having a company bring water to you, go to a retailer in town that offers an exchange program. You just have to drop off your empty bottle and you can pick up a full one. You’ll have to pay for the water, but you won’t have to pay the company to transport the water to your cabin.

If you don’t know where you can exchange empty bottles for full ones, contact one of the bottled water companies, like Absolute Bottled Water Co, serving the area where your cabin is. A representative will be happy to point you to exchange locations.

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5 Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Looking As Good As New

Carpet can be a great flooring choice if you want something that is comfortable under your feet, provides a soft playing surface for children, and keeps sounds from echoing in the house. One of the downsides of carpet compared to other flooring choices is the fact that it can begin to look worn and stained if it is not taken care of properly. Luckily, there are several things you can do to protect your financial investment and keep your carpet looking as good as new. Use the following tips to care for your carpet:

Invest in Area Rugs and Carpet Runners

Use area rugs and carpet runners in high traffic area to help protect your carpeting and keep it for looking worn or bare from too much foot traffic. In addition to protecting your carpet, area rugs and carpet runners can compliment a room’s decor and look very stylish.

Take Your Time Vacuuming

Many people make the mistake of quickly pushing a vacuum over a carpeted area without taking the time to actually clean the carpet. In order for your vacuum to work properly and pick up the dirt and debris in the carpet fibers, you need to push the vacuum slowly across an area. Ideally, you should take the time to pass over an area with the vacuum several times to make sure the carpet is clean.

Keep Shoes Off the Carpet

Even if the soles of shoes appear to be clean, they can track in all types of grease, oil, dirt, and debris which can stain your carpet. If you want to keep your carpet looking fresh and new, it is a good idea to request that everyone takes their shoes off when they enter the home.

Be Ready to Clean Up Spills

If there is ever a spill on your carpeting, it is important to immediately clean it before a stain can set. It is a good idea to contact the manufacturer of your carpet and ask what type of carpet stain cleaner is safe to use on it. Then make sure you always have that cleaner on hand in case of an accident.

Schedule Professional Cleaning

One of the most important things to do to keep your carpet looking great is to schedule professional carpet cleaning services. A professional cleaning will deep clean the carpet fibers and remove anything that a vacuum is not able to pick up. On average, you should have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

To learn more, contact a company like H & L Janitorial Service

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Why Renting A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Does Not Guarantee The Elimination Of Pests

When you’re storing family heirlooms or important documents that absolutely must not get damaged in storage, a climate-controlled storage unit is a must-have investment. However, don’t go too far in assuming the the unit will automatically be better protected from other damage risks, especially pests. Find out why pests can still be a problem in a climate-controlled unit and what to do about it.

Gaps and Cracks

Storage units that are air conditioned and heated are usually more tightly sealed than generic units because the business owner will spend a lot more on keeping the units climate controlled if they allow drafts to waste energy. Yet even the best-sealed unit still probably has at least one or two small cracks or gaps hidden somewhere in the structure. It only takes a tiny crack for insects to squeeze through, and even rats and mice and fit in gaps about 1/4th of an inch in size. These gaps could easily be hidden by paint or door mounting equipment, allowing pests to enter even though there’s no visible entry point.

Ductwork Issues

Don’t forget about the ducts that connect the individual storage unit to the rest of the climate control system. These ducts are usually built into the units themselves, making it hard to inspect every inch for gaps. Once bugs or mice get into the ductwork, they can use it as a sort of highway system to quickly travel to different units and spread their infestation. Even completely intact duct systems may have openings purposefully cut into them for air flow that are big enough to let in bugs unless they’re covered with metal mesh. You can’t eliminate ductwork and still enjoy the benefits of climate control, so don’t turn down a particular unit just because it has a direct connection to a larger system and the surrounding units.

Prevention Matters

So what should you do to make sure your climate-controlled storage unit won’t end up with a pest problem? Check out how the storage center handles pest control as a whole. A business that pays for routine spraying and professional inspection is unlikely to host a major infestation, preventing damage to your stuff no matter how many gaps there are in the storage unit. It’s more important that the entire business is secured with timely and routine pest control than if a particular unit has certain features that could let possibly bugs in. If there are no bugs or mice in the entire area, they’re not going to get to your stuff.

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Tips For Preserving Your Antique Furniture’s Originality

Collecting antique furnishings can be a satisfying hobby. If you have recently acquired an antique piece of furniture, you may have thought how it might look better with a little restoration. However, you should know that some restorative efforts can greatly impact the value of your antique furniture. Follow these tips for cleaning up and successfully restoring your antique furniture.

Leave As Much Of The Original Finish As Possible

True restoration efforts should be about preserving as much of the original aspects of a piece as possible. If you have considered refinishing a piece of antique wood furniture, bear in mind that refinishing does not have a place in restoration or preservation. If you refinish a piece, it takes away the original finish, leaving the piece naked of its valuable originality, something that may be impossible to copy today. Some antiques were finished using resins from trees or insects. Today, many of the finishes like polyurethane are made from man-made chemicals. A true piece of antique furniture is over 100 years old, so trying to re-create the original finish can be impossible. For maintaining the value and originality of your pieces, leaving them just as they are is best. Simple cleaning with a feather duster can be done without using oil-based furniture polishes sold today. Waxing with bees wax only is best for providing protection against moisture.

Deal With Issues Like Missing Drawer And Door Handles

If you have an antique piece of furniture like a wardrobe or a dresser, you may need to replace a knob if you plan to actually use it every day. For replacing these kinds of parts, finding old furnishings with similar hardware is a good idea. Reputable antique dealers can help you locate missing parts like handles or knobs. If you visit flea markets and yard sales regularly, keeping an eye for handles and knobs is important. You may be surprised what you can find that will help make a particular piece of antique furniture functional without interrupting its originality or value. One great benefit of finding antique items at flea markets and yard sales is you can usually get them at an extremely low price.

Antique furnishings can be used to decorate your home with the past. Making sure you maintain your antique furniture’s originality is vital for the past to be recreated properly. Even if you never plan to sell your antiques, maintaining their originality helps to also preserve their historical appeal.

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